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I’m not sure I can see anything. You’re right to be angry, Clary. I shouldn’t have trusted the Clave.

Jace, p.178.

Attention: this ist the third book of the series, if you don’t know the contents of the previous books, you may be spoilered! You’ll find my reviews of the first book and the second book on each clicks.

This book is my favourite of the series and I read it sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, because I don’t want this story to ever end. But there’s an end to all good stories (for now) so – as always – I have to accept it.

An exciting adventure is waiting for Clary in the beginning but things – as usually – don’t go as they were planned. Suddenly she’s more or less illegally in Idris – THE Shadowhunter-Home everybody talks about. There, it seems that the reader gets all the answers to the questions, that have been occuring since the first book: the background of Clary’s and Jace’s family, the cure for Jocelyn’s potion, Alecs dilemma and the solving of the Downworldler vs. Shadowhunter-war. This book was originally to be the last book of the series and I think that the patterns show that an ending is coming.

Clary’s development is really amazing: it seems that she is really growing into her role as a Shadowhunter very quickly and in the final her role really is a very relevant one. She reveals her special talent to unite Shadowhunters and Downwordlers to fight against the ultimate enemy of both sides: Valentine. Something that has happened just once before in Shadowhunter-history. The entire journey till here is so, so overwhelming – every time it feels like, I just don’t want this part to end! However Jace is going through a very tough time: Not just because of his feelings for Clary, but because of his past with his father and the origin of his family. He is doubting his life and all he has lived so far and punishes himself by thinking, he deserved it. My heart ached for him more than once and in the end I could finally breath easily for this very badly fooled young man.

Simon is accepting and adjusting to his new life just well and he is willing to sacrifice many things to fight against Valentine, too. And Magnus – oh Magnus, one of my favourite characters in this story – is doing what he can at the protagonist’s side and is involved in some significant developments that are advantageous for all. His comments are so amazingly sarcastic and the best ones ever!

There are also new roles that appear in this sequel: the Panhallows and Sebastian Verlac. The firsts ones seem to be old friends of the Lightwoods and therefore also an old Shadwohunter family who fought in the circle. Even though their roles aren’t comparable to the ones of Clary and the Lightwoods, they still contribute to several important actions – especially Aline who has an eye on Jace. However Sebastian isn’t the one he claims to be and though I knew there was something fishy about him, I didn’t see it coming to who he really is. A very interesting and shocking antagonistic role who takes major actions in his hands and who is responsible for many (dramatic) outcomes and deaths of certain people.

You could’ve had anything else in the world, and you asked for me.

But I don’t want anything else in the world.

Jace & Clary, p. 458.

To sum it up, City of Glass, the third book of the Mortal Instruments of Cassandra Clare, is my favourite book of the whole series. Not just because of all the questions that get answered or the fantastic developments between the protagonists and the antagonists. But also because there is some kind of happy ending in all this drama and mess for everybody involved. I just love this book and I never want it to ever end, whenever I reread it. It’s one of my favourite books I ever read and therefore it deserves the highest rank in reviewing. Goodbye my dearest characters- until we meet again.

Kurzrezension (deutsch)

Dieser Band ist mein absoluter Favorit innerhalb der gesamten Reihe. Die Protagonisten gehen durch unglaubliche Qualen, kämpfen weiterhin und vehement in einem finalen Kampf gegen den ultimativen Feind Valentin und müssen dabei schwere Verluste erleiden; trotz dessen gibt es ein gewisses Happy End für alle Beteiligten. Ursprünglich sollte dieses Buch das Finale der gesamten Reihe sein und ich denke, dass man dies beim Lesen gewissermaßen auch erkennen kann. Denn es werden alle Fragen beantwortet, die seit dem ersten Band aufgetaucht sind und auch das Ende suggeriert ein gewisses allgemeines Ende der gesamten Geschichte. Es ist eines meiner Lieblingsbücher überhaupt, weswegen das Lesen mal zügiger mal schleppender voranging, denn ich möchte nie, dass diese Geschichte zu Ende geht. Es ist ein Lieblingsbookie und verdient daher die größte Auszeichnung, die eine Bloggerin einem Buch verleihen kann: Es ist eine absolute Tauchliebe. Ich habe das Buch noch lange in den Armen gehalten, um das eigentlich schon Bekannte zu verarbeiten und gehen zu lassen, das mir jedes Mal aufs neue schwerfällt. Auf Wiedersehen meine geliebten Protagonisten, ich werde euch vermissen – bis zum nächsten Mal.

  • title Mortal Instruments 3: City of Glass
  • author Cassandra Clare
  • pages 492 pages
  • price 7,97€ (Kindle Edition), 21,02€ (Hardcover)
  • publisher ‎ Margaret K. McElderry Books (24. März 2009)

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