Review „Broken Revelations Vol. 1: Horsemen Rising“ (Albert Scott)

Adrian Gray’s life changed after a run in with a mysterious woman leads to a series of events where he discovers he is a Nephal: A child of an angel and a demon and a Horseman of the Apocalypse. But things go awry on the road to the Apocalypse as a rogue angel plots to release the Pagan gods from Purgatory. Now it’s up to Adrian and the other horsemen to stop the angel before chaos erupts on earth. (Source)

I don’t know why but it doesn’t sound that crazy to me. I feel like everything makes sense now. I feel whole.

When I read the blurb the story caught my attention and so I asked the author (via @Reader’s House on Twitter) whether I could get a free eBook for reviewing. Thank you, Albert Scott, for sending me your book!*

At the beginning the reader plunges into the world of Adrian Gray, a smart and likeable guy who has a faible for films and series. So the reader sometimes found really nice quotes or references about The Lord of the Rings or Doctor Who which made me laugh out loud several times. I could feel Adrian many times in special situations like his weakness and disapointment in Rosa which makes him to a mostly credible and authentic person to me. However I couldn’t fully follow him, when he realized that he changed, that he possesses certain powers and just accepts it all. I guess more details concerning these changes and also about his emotions after this realization would have eliminated this feeling of mine.

The mysterious Lady of the tattoo shop, who ist always called ‚the lady‘ (a.k.a. Matekai) is a very interesting and curious character that I couldn’t always see through which made her actually more interesting. I found her mostly credible, too, though I must confess that I would have prefered some more details concerning her as well. It seemed too much of a coincidence to me, that Adrians roommate, Mike, happened to be a werwolf which makes him part of Adrians new world, too. That would be ok if many other people of Adrians surroundings woulnd’t suddenly turn out to be other fantastic creatures as well. Here the credibility of the concept suffered a bit (at least in my mind) but this isn’t an essential aspect which ruins the story altogether; there are other things that disturbed me more.

I actually like the story in its base with the idea of the archangel Raziel and the fallen angel Lucifer etc. playing an important role for the entire book as much as the significance of the horsemen and a lot more fantastic creatures. However I had huge problems concerning the flow of the reading process because it seemed to me like the book hadn’t been corrected at all by anyone concerning grammar, spelling etc. Unfortunately this often lead to the fact that the thrilling parts of the book were actually killed, because sometimes the sentences weren’t making much sense and I often had to guess even what the author might want to say. It became occasionally very straining reading the book, so that I had to make many breaks whilst reading. Again I would suggest detailed descriptions in some developping parts, especially at the beginning of the book and also the correction of the text itself by an editorial office.

In summary, Broken Revelations Vol. 1: Horsemen Rising of Albert Scott is a nice story in its base with a lot of potential. But the thrilling parts of the story were mostly killed by the missing reread by an editorial office in which I sometimes had to guess the thoughts of the author. But I liked the involvement of the angels and the horsemen etc. as much as the mostly authentic and credible protagonists. Corrected and with more details in general, I’m sure that the story would be very cool!

Kurzrezension (Deutsch)

Das Buch erregte druch den spannenden Klappentext auf dem Portal von Reader’s House auf  Twitter meine Aufmerksamkeit, weswegen ich ein Rezensionsexemplar anfragte.*

Ich mag die Grundidee des Werkes, in welchem Erzengel, gefallene Engel und weitere Fantastik-Wesen in Erscheinung treten und die Geschichte selbst eigentlich sehr spannend und interessant gewesen wäre. Allerdings gab es viele sprachliche und grammatikalische Fehler, die das Lesen teilweise erschwerten und den Lesefluss enorm störten, so dass ich öfter pausieren musste. Diese Aspekte waren leider auch die Spannungskiller im Buch, denn viele tolle Szenen wurden durch die sprachlichen Fehler, wo ich teilweise die Gedanken des Autors erraten musste, leider ihres Wertes beraubt.

Die Protagonisten Adrian, die Lady mit dem Tattoo-Laden, Mike, Ezra usw. fand ich in Ordnung und meistens auch authentisch bis auf einige Situationen, wo ich beispielsweise Adrian nicht wirklich folgen konnte, nachdem er seine wahre Identität herausfindet. Dieser Teil (wie auch andere wichtige Stellen im Buch) wurde leider in wenigen Sätzen abgearbeitet, wo ich mir mehr Details über seine Entwicklung, den Prozess der Akzeptanz bezüglich dieser Veränderungen sowie seine Gefühle gewünscht hätte. Dadurch wäre meiner Meinung nach auch der Unterhaltungsfaktor gestiegen, der so zwar ok war, durch die sprachlichen Fehler aber noch reduziert wurde.

Ich bewerte das Buch mit Tauchpotenzial, da die Protagonisten größtenteils authentisch wirken und die Geschichte an sich eigentlich schön und spannend wäre, wenn mehr Details zu den für die weitere Entwicklung der Geschichte entscheidenden Stellen geboten werden und das gesamte Buch von einem Lektorat korrigiert werden würde.


  • title Broken Revelations Vol. 1: Horsemen Rising
  • author Albert Scott
  • pages 124 pages (Print)
  • price 2,99 (Kindle Edition)
  • publisher Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.

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